Unlimited Boxing Classes + Open Gym

M2M* / 3 Month* / 6 Month *

$189 / $169 / $149


One Year Membership

Any age.  Prepaid.  No enrollment fee. 


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* - $50 enrollment fee for all new customers.  
- Payment due on the 10th of every month.  
-Must sign up to automatic payment option in order to receive membership discounted rate.  
- $100 early cancellation fee.  1 Month advanced written notice is needed to cancel.  Schedule and pricing subject to change without notice.  
- $25 late fee if payment is made late. 
- All boxing membership includes the 9am classes and either 6pm or 7pm classes (must commit to 6pm or 7pm upon sign up).
- Fitness trainers or martial arts trainers that are not employed or contracted by 15TH ROUND, LLC. are NOT allowed to become members without prior written consent.  Failure to disclose this in writing will result in early termination, $100 fee and forfeiture of all paid dues.  This does not limit 15TH ROUND, LLC. to pursue further damages.

Gift cards available for purchase. (All gift cards expire 6 Months after purchase)